What’s the deal with the name Lilypad?

Well, this is actually a strange story…

Back in the summer of 1999 I signed up for an eBay account and needed a username. I loved frogs and toads growing up, especially since I grew up in swampy Houston near Brays Bayou – toads were everywhere! I don’t know why but I came up with “cybertoad” and I’ve used it ever since all around the web. So after all these years, I am now known across the internet as “cybertoad”… a quick Google search can confirm this, LOL.

So, when I was thinking of names for my social media business I wanted something that tied back to my online persona and lilypad just seemed like a natural leap (see what I did there). The more I thought about the term lilypad the more I saw a connection…

You only see the top of a lily pad, but if you pull the lily pad out of the water, it has roots and tangled weeds and all the stuff that comes with it. – Trevor Hall

Think of the lilypad as your business’s social media presence and I am working underneath untangling that mess that you don’t have time for. Let me use my 15+ years of experience to manage that social media presence so you can use your time more wisely to do what you do best – run your business.

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